Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Soapbox

There are people I know and dearly love who hold a literalist view of the Bible. I do not. I am a Red-Letter Christian. I think most of Christianity is too hung up on Paul's words and not enough on Christ's words. Paul does not hold the keys to the kingdom, Christ does. Paul had beef with everyone, except himself, of course. Christ accepted, loved and protected those who needed and wanted it. Christ holds salvation, Paul does not. You would think that would be the end to the argument, but it is not.

You see, there's this great movement to move back to the faith of our founding fathers. Which, let's be honest, they were not looking to start a theocracy. They were escaping religious persecution, they certainly did not want to form a nation intended to persecute religions. That's why our founding fathers ratified the First Amendment so the federal government wouldn't establish any religion. Wait, a minute... That means... No...! The founding fathers wanted this great nation to remain *gasp* secular? Yes. They had seen what happened when religion became involved in government (the persecution held by the Church of England against the Puritans and the persecution by the Puritans during the witch trials in Salem as just two examples). They wanted a religion-free government, despite the majority of our founding fathers being practicing Christians. The United States has never been a Christian nation; that's rhetoric. It was meant to be a nation without any religious affiliation, founded by Christians, but not ruled by Christian doctrine.

Now, suppose a person came forward and began saying overweight people shouldn't marry because their children would be overweight and never get proper parenting. The parents would never take the kids to the park, or sign them up for sports, or be able to wrap their pudgy arms around their children to give them proper hugs. Or worse! The couple might not have access to their genitalia and even be able to have children... And let them adopt?? They can't properly nourish themselves, how would they be able to give their children proper nutrition? And gluttony! Gluttony is a sin unto death!

Suddenly this fringe group spreads this message and mainstream America begins to pick it up. Over night there is outrage toward overweight people because they are living a life of sin! The Bible says gluttony is a sin, therefore these people ought not be married to contaminate their children into thinking that gluttony is ok!! Yeah!! Gluttons aren't deserving of the same rights as the rest of us, so let's strip them of their right to marry whoever they want! Those nasty sinners! (I mean, how do overweight people even HAVE sex??)

But then others begin to say, "No, all they need is to repent of their sin and be delivered from gluttony. They'll stop overeating. All it takes is prayer and a change in the way they think!"

And those who are overweight begin to say, "It's a glandular problem! My thyroid is out of whack! I've been overweight my entire life - it's genetic!" But let's be honest, no one believes them. They can control their weight through diet and exercise, right? I know, let's put it to a public vote! Who cares that the majority of people in the United States are overweight - they're sinners and they shouldn't spread their filthy propaganda to their children and grandchildren! All their marriages will show is how we have allowed sin to infiltrate our every day thinking. We are a nation built on fit, healthy and attractive people!

Sounds a bit silly. Fat people not being allowed to get married because they will abuse or neglect their children and make them fat, too? Right... But, wait! We have a very similar argument going on right now concerning gays and marriage.

In the beginning God created all things and called all things very good. Including mankind and all the genetic code found within man (pre-fall genetic code I might add - including cancer, celiac, baldness, glandular, and yes, gay genes). God called it good. All of it. Including us today - He has that amazing ability to see down the road into the future. He knew what He was doing when He created cancer, celiac disease, Hodgkins-lymphoma, AIDS, flu, etc. And the argument that these things didn't enter into the world until the fall, well, where did these things come from? Did the world make them, or are they twisted/perverted versions of what God intended? If so, you've got to believe in evolution. Did Satan create them? If so, then he has much more power than any of us have ever thought. I actually believe God made all things and declared them good, knowing what would happen in time, knowing we would need a Saviour, a Healer, a Teacher, an example of Love.

So if God has declared me good, but also has declared me being alone not good, then shouldn't it be said that God never intended for me to be alone? Can't it be said that He has fashioned for me a suitable helpmate? Now, if I am declared good, being gay and all, but me being alone is not good, then logically a suitable helpmate for me is another gay man. Right?

Also, Jesus says nothing about homosexuality, but He talks a lot about judging others. And how he who is without sin should be the first to throw his stone. And He never threw stones, except at the Pharisees and Sadducees - the righteous indignant.

So, to my friends who don't agree with my "choice of lifestyle" I tell you this: God created me and declared me good. He created you and declared you good, too.

If God has declared us all good, why is marriage ok for you and not for me? Why are you more special than I? What makes you more worthy of marriage than I? If I have been redeemed (and I have), why should I not have all the benefits of God's children? I have been grafted into the vine after all.

That is all. I'm stepping off the soapbox now.


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  2. I want to write something profound in support of you but everything sounds cliche or horrifying. So instead, just know I read this and I love you and I can't wait to go to your wedding.